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On this page we will try to answer all your questions regarding learning English on Skype, studying at our school and internships in the UK. If you did not find the answer to your question, please ask our administration using the form at the bottom of the page.

What qualifications do your teachers have?

Our teachers have many years of experience:
• successful teaching of English to both schoolchildren and older audiences;
• successful preparation for ZNO, IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, CPE and university entrance exams;
• development of unique materials for lessons;
• effective preparation of gifted schoolchildren for participation in olympiads and various competitions in English, including international (FLEX and etc.)
Our teachers are constantly improving: they undergo internships in the USA and Great Britain, take part in the American program for teachers “Teaching Excellence and Achievements”, win prizes in popular competitions for teachers (“Teacher of the Year”).
Our teachers know how to teach English! They are first-class psychologists, they know how to find an individual approach to each student.

How do you choose the right teacher?

We will select the teacher that you need, based on your goals and preferences. However, you can make your own choice. Our site contains the portfolios of all our teachers. Check out their presentations, listen to the pronunciation. If the schedule of the teacher you like coincides with your schedule, then you can take a free trial lesson in the near future. On it you will get to know the teacher, find out your level of English, inform about your goals and wishes, and also get answers to your questions.

Who is suitable for classes with a native speaker?

This option is not suitable for students with a beginner’s level of English, as a native speaker does not speak your native language. We recommend starting these classes at the Intermediate level. You can catch up to this level with a Russian-speaking / Ukrainian-speaking teacher of our school, and then add lessons with a native speaker, or switch to permanent training with a native speaker teacher. Lessons with a native speaker is a great way to overcome the language barrier! You will immerse yourself in the language environment, significantly expand your vocabulary with up-to-date vocabulary, get acquainted with the culture and mentality of people from English-speaking countries.

What if the teacher is not right for me?

Fortunately, this is rarely the case. However, you can change the teacher both after a trial lesson, and at any stage of training. Just communicate your intention to the school administration.

What if I am late for class or want to cancel it?

Contact your teacher or administration as soon as possible and report the problem. If possible, the teacher will wait for you. It is also possible to postpone the lesson to a later time or another day..

I don't have a fixed schedule. Can I study on a flexible schedule?

Of course, you can practice at any time convenient for you. Tell the teacher about this and agree on the schedule for the week in advance.

What is a trial lesson?

Each student has the right to receive a free trial lesson with a teacher. The trial lesson is a meeting-acquaintance and lasts 20-30 minutes. Part of the lesson is conducted in English so that the teacher can determine your level of knowledge. You will get to know the teacher, tell about your goals and wishes for the learning process, agree on a schedule, set a date and time for the first lesson. During a trial lesson, the teacher will tell you about the methods of conducting classes, answer questions.

How long can you skip classes?

Your progress in learning depends on the frequency and duration of classes, the number of lessons missed, the amount of homework, the intensity and productivity of the lesson. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you practice the missed lessons at a different time. Agree on a schedule with your teacher.

Can I get a Certificate of Education?

Yes, our school is a partner of the British International School Frisby’s College. If you studied with us on the course «British course + certificate», You take a small exam and receive a certificate Frisby’s College.

Do you have extensive experience organizing internships and training in the UK?

From 2002 years teachers of our school organize study trips and internships in the UK! During this time, 570 students of all ages traveled and studied with us in England. An internship in the UK is an unforgettable, rewarding and exciting journey!

What programs can you choose?

Today we offer several internship programs to choose from:
– Group and individual;
– In different cities (Ramsgate, York, Edinburgh);
– Duration from 2 weeks or more;
– English Homestay or School Residence;
– Various price ranges (from £ 1250);
– For students of different ages (from 10 to 60 years old).

What does the trip include?

Typically, the internship program includes:
• stay in London and exciting excursions;
• accommodation with three meals a day;
• training in an international school of English (20 English lessons per week, testing, academic material, certificate);
• recreational activities after lessons: visiting the cinema, swimming pool, museums, cathedrals;
• full day excursions to Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge, Canterbury, Dover, Norwich and other UK cities.

Who will I study with at the international school?

On the first day at an international school, you will be tested to determine the level of knowledge of the English language. Based on the test results, you will be assigned to a group where you will study with other students from different countries of the same age and level..

Can I get a UK Study Certificate?

Yes. All students receive a certificate confirming that you were trained in this school, indicating the timing, number of lessons, level and program.

What if I have communication problems during the lesson?

If the Internet connection problems start from the beginning of the lesson, it can be rescheduled. If the connection disappears during the lesson, you note the time spent and refine the remainder in the next lesson. If there is a malfunction in the Skype program, the teacher can teach the lesson through other free programs: Firefox Hello, Google Hangouts, ooVoo.

I don't have headphones and a microphone. Is it possible to practice without them?

You can study without a headset, if you and the teacher are so comfortable. However, in this case, extraneous noise can affect the sound quality. However, we ask our teachers to still use headphones and a microphone during lessons.

Can I practice without a webcam?

We insist on using a webcam during class. The only reason for the lack of video may be a deterioration in the Internet connection. However, if this is your wish, we will not mind.

Can i practice using a smartphone or tablet?

During the lesson, you will use various materials: electronic textbooks of British publishers (Word or PDF files), various methodological development of lessons, games, dialogues, books for reading, online exercises, and more. It will be inconvenient from mobile devices. In addition, the teacher will write words and phrases in the chat. Therefore, we recommend using a stationary computer or laptop for online classes.

Is it possible to pay for classes by lessons?

You can pay for each lesson separately, but this must be done in advance, since payment must be received before the start of the upcoming lesson.

Can I get a discount?

If you pay for several lessons in advance, you get a discount: 5 lessons – a 3% discount; 10 lessons – 5% discount; 20 lessons – 10% discount.

If I cancel a lesson, will I be charged?

No, the payment is not charged and is automatically transferred to the next lesson, but provided that you warned the teacher or manager about the cancellation of the lesson at any time before it starts. If there was no agreement to cancel or postpone the lesson, the teacher will wait for you on Skype for 15 minutes. If you do not show up, the administration fails to contact you, then the lesson is counted as completed. We will have to pay for this lesson to the teacher. In this case, payment will be charged.

I have paid classes, but I cannot continue my studies. Will I get my money back?

Of course, upon your request, as soon as possible, we will refund the payment for classes that were not held. In case of a refund, the tuition discount is not valid.

How are Skype lessons different from classic tutoring?

Basically, online lessons are no different from tutoring: you see and hear your teacher in the same way. However, Skype lessons have several advantages. You do not need to waste time traveling for classes with an experienced teacher. You study in the comfort of your home, work, hotel, or anywhere else. You do not have to often cancel classes due to a busy schedule, you can make a transfer to another time convenient for you. You don’t need to buy textbooks, you get the necessary files and links from the teacher. Getting knowledge on Skype is a modern approach to quality education! At what age can you start learning English on Skype?

At what age can you start learning English on Skype?

Skype lessons are a great way to learn a language for all ages and occupations. In our school, lessons are held for students from 10 years old. We recommend that young children start learning English in groups as learning with peers will help motivate and generate interest in the subject. Our students are schoolchildren, university students, as well as specialists working in various fields. Everyone needs English in modern society!

How long do I need to study to level up?

It is quite difficult to accurately determine the duration of training, since it depends on the motivation and purpose of training, the frequency and duration of classes, the number of lessons missed, the volume of homework, the intensity and productivity of work in the lesson, the student’s skills and abilities. It is believed that it takes an average of 6-9 months to complete one level, but this process can take up to a year. Each student has his own individual pace of progress, so do not be upset if you do not have time to complete the program on time. If necessary, your teacher will adjust the program and help you change the approach to teaching.

What methodology do you use?

The first line in the rating of the popularity of methods of learning English today is actively held by the communicative approach, which is aimed at the practice of communication, because the main goal of training is the ability to actively interact in an English-speaking society. Using a communicative method in the classroom, our teachers will help you relieve your fear of communication. You will start speaking English from the first lesson, even if your level is not high.

How is the Skype lesson going?

Before the beginning of the lesson, the teacher writes to you in Skype chat to find out if you are ready to start the lesson. Then the teacher calls you on Skype. In the lesson you work on the materials sent by the teacher. You see a page of a textbook on the screen, answer questions, participate in a dialogue, and the teacher corrects – everything, as in ordinary lessons with a tutor. Skype chat serves as a chalkboard for you. Your instructor may ask you to use Skype’s Screen Sharing feature to see what you are currently writing. It is not difficult, the teacher will teach you all the technical wisdom!

Do I need to buy textbooks?

There is no need to buy educational literature. Before the start of the lesson, the teacher will send you the necessary files that will be used in the lesson. These are electronic textbooks of British publishers (Word or PDF files), various methodological development of lessons, games, dialogues, books for reading, etc., depending on your individual program.

How will the teacher check homework?

You and the teacher yourself choose the way of sending homework: electronically by mail, via Skype, to your shared folder on Google Disk or any other cloud service. Before the start of the next lesson, the student sends the completed homework to his teacher. The teacher corrects inaccuracies or simply highlights problematic points in the homework in order to discuss and correct them with the student at the beginning of the next lesson.

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