Jeanne SYE

Jeanne SYE
Teaching experience: 5 years English teacher, specialist in the implementation of the latest technologies

My love for English originated at school, and even then I knew that my life would be connected with foreign languages. Today I have been teaching language for 5 years already, and the success of my students only confirms my right choice.

I have traveled extensively and also trained in the UKand it was an unforgettable trip.

When I was a student myself, I loved English lessons very much and looked forward to every lesson. Of course, this was the merit of my teacher, so I try to instill a love for the subject. It is very important to have the desire and perseverance in learning foreign languages, because everyone will have to go through a difficult path. But I hasten to please you – today there are many modern techniques that will make the lessons more interesting and easier.

I will be glad to share my knowledge with you and improve a foreign language together!