Victoria SYE

Victoria SYE
Teaching experience: 9 years German teacher, internship organizer in Germany

Good afternoon, my name is Victoria. I have always liked the German language and teaching. Even while studying at the university, I was constantly engaged in self-improvement, took an active part in various competitions, Olympiads, language exams. In the 4th year of the university I worked as a translator for an Austrian company, which significantly increased my level of knowledge of the German language. Annual internships in Germany and Denmark since 2007 also contributed to the development of my language skills and broadened my horizons, helped in understanding the traditions and life of the Germans.

In my work, I use modern technologies, authentic texts, audio and video materials from German periodicals, which makes it possible for students to better prepare for the A1 – C1 level language exams. It should be noted that most of my pedagogical activity is aimed precisely at achieving high results by students when passing language exams. To achieve this goal, it is necessary, first of all, constant self-improvement and professional development of the teacher, therefore in June 2012 I successfully passed the language exam level C1, attended various seminars, workshops, master classes, took an active part in competitions of the Goethe-Institut and took two-week advanced training courses in methodology in Frankfurt, four-month online courses “Internet – a source of didactic materials and projects”, and two-month online -courses «PASCH-net Führerschein», thanks to which I learned about the various possibilities of using online resources, websites that help in the implementation of projects, in the study of a foreign language, communicating directly with native speakers. Various types of extracurricular activities, meetings with foreign guests, contribute to the achievement of this goal.

I consider the success of my students to be the best indicators. They win prizes in the competition “My first translations”, in conferences of the IAS at city and regional levels, olympiads in the German language and all-Ukrainian competitions, receive international language certificates from the Goethe-Institut, undergo training in Germany and Turkey, deepening their knowledge.

The most important thing for me is the interest in learning German. I am convinced that all difficulties can be overcome if you have a goal and a great desire to achieve it.