Natalia SYE

Natalia SYE
Teaching experience: 7 years English Teacher, Master’s Degree in TESOL, Lecturer at US University

Greetings to all lovers of foreign languages, as well as those who are taking the first steps towards mastering them! Let’s get acquainted! My name is Natalya, I will be your English teacher. For the last 7 years I have been teaching English. I can say with confidence that in different countries English is spoken in different ways. Today I have a lot of experience teaching English to people from different countries and different ages. And I will gladly share my knowledge and secrets with you.

I have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in teaching English and foreign literature. Since 2013 I have studied and worked at a US university, where she received her second master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Southeastern Missouri, USA. I taught people from different countries and with different backgrounds. I believe that my education and experience make me a professional English teacher.

My own experience has proven to me that anyone can learn a second language. I believe motivation is a key factor in language learning and all students will learn as long as they are motivated, guided and encouraged according to their needs.

As an English as a Second Language teacher, I motivate my students and provide them with meaningful language learning fundamentals. I will use an individual approach to each student to make our lessons interesting and effective.

I will be glad if my knowledge will be useful to you in learning English!