Natalia SYE

Natalia SYE
Teaching experience: 27 years Highest category teacher, teacher-methodologist, organizer of internships in the UK and Austria

English is a magic key that opens the doors to the world of your dreams for you, gives you the opportunity to get an interesting job and travel freely.

How important and necessary the English language is, I learned from my own experience traveling abroad. My knowledge of English allowed me to get to know better the culture, way of life, way of life, traditions of Great Britain and many other European countries, to communicate freely without feeling the language barrier in these countries.

Teaching English is an integral part of my life, not only work, but also joy, my favorite hobby and the opportunity to constantly develop, improve myself, learn something new and share it with students. I have been teaching English for over 27 years. I try not only to pass on knowledge to my students, but also to instill a love for the language.

The key to the success and effectiveness of classes is the conduct of lessons, taking into account the individual characteristics and needs of the student. I can say with confidence that the success and gratitude of students is the main reward for a teacher.

Remember! The hardest thing in any business is to start! Don’t waste your time! Take the first step in the right direction!

I would like you to love English the way I love it.
I will be glad to share my knowledge and positive energy with you!