Maria SYE

Maria SYE
Teaching experience: 7 years Teacher of German and English, specialist in the implementation of the latest methods

Knowledge of a foreign language opens doors to unknown worlds for each of us, expands our capabilities, gives a certain freedom and independence. After knowing the language, you can travel, comprehend the multifaceted world, get a promising, interesting and highly paid job. I have found this freedom and will help you to do it.

I loved helping others, explaining and teaching since childhood, but the love for teaching appeared during my studies at the university, the love for the German language – while working in Germany. I like to find an approach to everyone, to create interesting and effective lessons.

For 5 years of teaching German and English, I can safely boast that my students get excellent results in tests of different levels, receive international certificates, and study in a foreign language.

Believe me, nothing is impossible! And go for it! I will be happy to help you with this.