Marina SYE

Marina SYE
Teaching experience: 6 years English teacher, specialist in the implementation of the latest teaching methods

Want to improve your English? You made the right decision! Knowledge of English will open up more opportunities for you: you will be able to travel and find friends from other countries; learn the culture, traditions and peculiarities of life of other states; find a job in an international company.

My name is Marina. I have been teaching English for over six

years. For over 5 years I have worked for an international company. And I am the one who will help you to achieve your goals.

I build my lessons in accordance with your needs and level of knowledge. As a teacher, I pay great attention to self-improvement using new teaching methods and techniques. Our life does not stand still, the language changes along with it. I am constantly looking for new tutorials and sites to help you learn to think in English, not translate.

Knowing English will make your life much more interesting!

So don’t waste your time!

Let’s improve together!