Margarita SYE

Margarita SYE
Teaching experience: 6 years English teacher, specialist in the implementation of the latest technologies

Welcome to the wonderful world of the English language! If you are viewing this page, it means that from this moment your future is doomed to success.

Let’s get acquainted! My name is Margarita and I am an English teacher with three years of experience. I am a participant in various volunteer language programs with experience in private English schools. She taught students of different age categories and levels of language proficiency.

As an English teacher, I can confidently say that from the moment you immerse yourself in the English-speaking atmosphere, completely new opportunities will open up for you. You can not only get a prestigious job, travel all over the world and make new friends, but also plunge headlong into the English-speaking culture and fall in love with this incredible language forever.

From childhood, English, like music, has been my passion. For me, language is not only a means of communication, but also an art, having comprehended, which cannot be stopped loving. I use modern methods of teaching English. My classes are always held in a friendly, cozy and fun atmosphere. In the lessons I use various textbooks from foreign publications, audio, video materials, games. In my classes, a special place is occupied by oral “live” speech, which helps to break down language barriers and feel comfortable in communicating with foreigners.