Irina SYE

Irina SYE
Teaching experience: 18 years Spanish teacher, technology specialist

Hello, my name is Irina.
My teaching experience is 18 years. I am the teacher of the year 2006, silver medalist. She graduated from the Priazov State University and the Higher School of Foreign Languages at the CUBE in the city of LasTunas.

I have lived in Cuba for 11 years, so Spanish is my mother tongue!)
Having lived for many years in another country, I believe that phonetics and grammar is a must when learning a language. In order to be understood, you need to clearly express your thoughts, and this is achieved with the help of phonetics and grammar.

My students are participants and winners of regional Olympiads.
Thanks to their good pronunciation, they study at the best universities in Spain.

Favorite activities – a trip to the seas of the world, beautiful music and love songs in Spanish!
I use all progressive teaching methods.
I myself am constantly learning.
In the lessons, I am more of a friend who shares my experience and the lessons are fun and fast.

Sometimes a few phrases in another language are enough to get noticed and you will get a good contract!