Irina SYE

Irina SYE
Teaching experience: 11 years English teacher, specialist in the implementation of the latest technologies

“Teachers cannot teach something successfully if they do not learn at the same time.” – Ali Apsheroni.

Hello! My name is Irinaand I have been teaching English for 12 years. I worked as a translator, worked in a school and also in English courses. For the entire period of my professional activity, I received various certificates, diplomas, categories.

My students won prizes at the Olympiads, successfully passed exams and entered universities. Over the past year, I have received my TKTmodule 1 (Teacher Exam for Teaching English Teaching Methodology) and FCE(Cambridge University English Exam) certifications.

The main task of studying a foreign language is the formation of communication skills among students, which means mastering the language as a means of intercultural communication, that is, using a foreign language as a tool in the dialogue of cultures of the modern world. In my lessons, I actively use the communicative methodology, as well as other areas of activity in the study of English.

In addition to English, I am fond of studying psychology and developing in a spiritual direction. Psychology is a science that helps you better understand yourself and others. And in my profession, it is very important to be a real psychologist. When working with my students, I always try to first learn about their interests, hobbies, and understand my students. I try to find an approach to each student. It is very important that there is mutual understanding and inspiration between teacher and student.

If you are interested in learning English and yourself, we are already on the same wavelength with you!