Catherine SYE

Catherine SYE
Teaching experience: 7 years Spanish teacher, internship organizer in Spain

Category I teacher. Pedagogical experience – 7 years. I work with children according to the school curriculum, with students, I teach spoken Spanish to adults, business – for work, for going abroad. In my professional activity I use communicative methods, ICT and Spanish teaching materials; I pay special attention to the formation of socio-cultural competence.

Passed an intensive Spanish course at Валенсии, Испания (2008), every year I attend seminars on teaching methods from the Spanish publishing house Edelsa, I organize cultural and educational trips to Spain.

I am fond of tourism and outdoor activities. In 2013, I rode a Camino de Santiago bike (more than 1000 km in Spain), after which I dream of traveling all over Latin America.

But in a nutshell, I can’t imagine myself without Spanish, and having started teaching, I can’t stop at all.