Catherine SYE

Catherine SYE
Teaching experience: 5 years English teacher, specialist in the implementation of the latest technologies

Glad to welcome everyone to speak English! My name is Catherine, and I really want to teach you the most common language in the world. I have been teaching for 3 years, moreover, I love translating texts on various topics, especially fiction and films.

During my university time, I actively participated in translation competitions, where at the final stage I got into the top 20 translators-students of Ukraine, who were invited for interpretation at Kiev Aviation University.

Among other things, I have specialized certificates in the field of literary translation. In the 3rd year of the university, she took up the translation of Charles Dickens’s book “A Christmas Carol” and successfully completed her work.

Since 2017, I have taught at the first Kiev state courses of foreign languages. I work with students of any age, and my main goal is to inspire and interest. It is very important in the early stages to set a goal for yourself and go towards it without getting upset because of failures, because without them there is no success. My students pass exams successfully and continue to learn the language with great enthusiasm, even when they have learned to speak fluently.

I will be happy to help you achieve the desired result!