Daria SYE

Daria SYE
Teaching experience: 3 years English teacher, specialist in the implementation of the latest technologies

Hello! My name is Dariaand I have been teaching people to speak English for several years. Even from school, I knew for sure that my future would be closely connected with the English language, so I made every effort and soon achieved the desired result – I got high marks on the exam and entered the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology.

Once upon a time, English phonetics terrified me, the 12 main tenses of the English language seemed to be hundreds of thousands and my voice trembled so much that I could hardly get the phrase “Hello, my name is Daria”. But I have learned to make the complex simple and will gladly teach you this!

I have worked with students of all ages and even the most capricious kids, stubborn teenagers and self-confident adults succumbed to the magic of simple explanations, funny examples and interesting tasks! Our joint work on the communicative approach method will show you that understanding English is not difficult, and speaking it is not scary.

I love teaching and my students with all my heart, and my main goal is to teach you to learn with pleasure.