Alexandra SYE

Alexandra SYE
Teaching experience: 3 years teacher of Italian and English, specialist in the implementation of the latest technologies

Hello. My name is Alexandraand I will teach you to speak Italian (and English too)!

English, French, Italian, Japanese – learning foreign languages has accompanied me since childhood, and now I know that this is not just another school subject. Language is a living being that needs to be tamed and trained. At first, you will be afraid of him, you will not know which side to approach and what to do if he attacks with terrible grammatical constructions. But if your interest and desire is strong, then gradually you will overcome all difficulties, and I will help you make the process of taming the obstinate easy and fun.

In my lessons, you can make mistakes and ask a lot of questions.
Fun grammar, useful active vocabulary and constant oral practice.
And also the experience of internships abroad, overcoming language barriers and love for Italian (and for English too), which is transmitted through the air-pixel route.

Therefore, get ready for some pretty serious, but very pleasant consequences.

Ciao-ciao and see you in class!