How it works

Why  ?

You want to study English, but you cannot include courses on a fixed schedule in your schedule because:

You often have to travel by occupation

A busy work / study schedule forces you to often reschedule or cancel classes

You need an individual program based on your knowledge, abilities, skills and needs

You want to study with a native speaker teacher

You just feel sorry for wasting your precious time on the road

You want to fill your schedule as much as possible with interesting and necessary activities

You need to travel very far to study with a good teacher.

You come home late from work / school

Then online learning English via Skype is your choice!

I want a trial lesson

Online English school proposes!

  • PREPARATION FOR VNO (ZNO) – 2019 / Unified State Exam – 2019.
  • Successful passing of international exams TOEFL / IELTS / FCE / САЕ / СРЕ.
  • NEW! British English course using a unique method Frisby Method. Obtaining a certificate Frisby’s College, British school – our partner.
  • Lessons on Skype at a convenient time for you. Possibility to postpone the lesson. Flexible schedule.
  • Our teachers have a higher philological education, extensive teaching experience and take advanced training courses in England and the USA.
  • Fun activities with native teachers.
  • Organization internships and training our students of all ages in UK international schools.
  • Flexible system discounts and convenient payment for classes. Promotions!
  • Individual selection of the course and teacher for each student.
  • Large selection of English courses for different purposes, needs and levels.
  • All materials for lessons – is free.
  • Help with translation various documentation in English and other languages.
  • Study second foreign language in our school: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch (Dutch), Swedish.

Anyone can become a student of the school!

Skype lessons are a great way to learn a language for students of all ages and backgrounds. In our school, lessons are held for students from 10 years old. Our students are schoolchildren, university students, as well as specialists working in various fields.

Skype online English lessons made easy!

    To conduct lessons via Skype, you need:

  1. Use a headset (headphones and microphone). Of course, you can do without them, but the sound quality can be worse..
  2. Stable Internet connection as online lessons involve distance communication.
  3. Install the free Skype program on your computer. Download for free: Skype

Classes in organized interesting!

The teacher sends the necessary files

These are electronic textbooks of British publishers (Word or PDF files), methodological development of lessons, games, dialogues, books for reading, and more.

Readiness №1

Before the beginning of the lesson, the teacher writes to you in Skype chat to find out if you are ready to start the lesson. Then the teacher calls you on Skype.


You see a page of a textbook on the screen, answer questions, participate in a dialogue, and the teacher corrects - everything, as in ordinary lessons with a tutor. Skype chat serves as your board.


At the end of the lesson, you receive your homework, which is a must if you want to achieve excellent results in language learning.

Homework in one click!

The teacher selects the number of homework assignments so that their implementation is feasible. You will receive exactly as many tasks as you have time to complete, taking into account your level and schedule. You and your teacher can choose how you want to submit your homework: in electronic form by mail; by Skype; to your shared folder on Google Disk or any other cloud service. Before the start of the next lesson, the student sends the completed homework to his teacher. The teacher corrects inaccuracies or simply highlights problematic points in the homework in order to discuss and correct them with the student at the beginning of the next lesson.

Online training Skype Your English is a modern technique for you!
«Communication should only be taught through communication»

The first line in the ranking of the popularity of methods of learning English today is actively held by the communicative approach, which is aimed at the practice of communication, because the main goal of training is the ability to actively interact in an English-speaking society.

A person who has completely mastered all the grammatical rules, who knows how to correctly construct sentences, may find difficulties in real communication in a foreign language. Those who want to be a professional in a particular field regularly read publications on their topic in foreign publications. Possessing a large vocabulary, they can easily navigate the text, but it costs them enormous efforts to maintain a conversation with a foreign colleague on the same topic..

Using a communicative method in the classroom, our teachers will help you relieve your fear of communication. You will start speaking English from the first lesson, even if your level is not high.

Of the 4 “whales” that support any language training (reading, writing, speaking and listening), our school pays special attention to the last two.

  • Speaking
    To overcome the language barrier and master a foreign language, you need to speak all the time! This is the main principle of learning Skype Your English. In each lesson, the teacher will stimulate you to communicate by offering various communication exercises: describing a picture, discussing texts and films, expressing your own opinion, etc.
  • Listening
    It is very important to develop listening comprehension skills. You will listen to dialogues, songs, stories in English, followed by assignments. The teacher will advise you on interesting video plots, films and series with subtitles, which you will enjoy watching and discussing in the classroom.
  • Reading
    The teacher will advise you on fiction by contemporary English and American authors, depending on your level (adapted or original). You will discuss what you read and do practice exercises. The teacher can also include reading modern Internet publications and news in the original language into the program.
  • Letter
    While this aspect is not key, getting your point across in writing is also important. General English learners will learn to write essays and informal letters. The Business English course involves training in writing business letters of a different nature: a letter to a partner, a resume, a cover letter, a letter of inquiry, etc.
  • Expand your vocabulary significantly - easy!

    The teacher will offer you exciting exercises for practicing new vocabulary, which will allow you to memorize new words without effort, as well as share interesting programs and applications for training vocabulary.

  • Learn grammar without getting bored!

    This important aspect in our school is presented in a simple and accessible way. The teacher will explain the grammatical material to you using elementary examples, and you will immediately begin to consolidate it in oral speech, using a lot of effective training exercises.

  • An individual approach to each student!

    We understand that each person is unique, so we use an individual approach in working with our students. In the introductory lesson, the teacher determines the level of your knowledge and finds out your wishes for the learning process. Further, an individual program is drawn up depending on your goals, abilities and skills. In the process of teaching English at our school, the teacher monitors work results and adjusts the program if necessary. Each teacher is proud of the achievements of his students, so your success is the most important thing for us!

  • Don't wait until tomorrow - start learning English now!

    1. Fill out an application for training. During the day, the Skype Your English administrator will contact you to clarify the date and time of the trial lesson.
    2. Take a free introductory lesson with the teacher we recommend. In our school, you can choose a teacher yourself, if his schedule matches your schedule. In the introductory lesson, tell us about yourself, your goals and wishes, find out your level of English.
    3. Pay for any number of lessons. The more paid lessons, the more discount!
    4. Get access to training files and start improving under the guidance of an experienced craftsman! PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!